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Hi. Like many men and women  I find myself with not enough time to exercise, and of course am not focused on eating right. I recently decided to try and address this by focusing on how to cut my body fat percentage. My first course of action was to research existing programs and strategies around diet, with the thought that as I start changing my diet I will then add in an exercise program.


Cutting body fat percentage usually refers at the high level to the body mass index, or BMI.  This is a calculated value based on your height and weight, and based on the value returned classifies your body fat percentage into one of the following categories:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

[Note - this data is from the National Institute of Health - you can use their calculator to see where you fall on this scale at calculate my body mass index].

What I learned in reading through a ton of material is that the best way to burn body fat for me is to start with a “real” diet program – not a fad diet, or one loaded with special pills or appetite suppressants, or eating like a bird – but rather a diet approach based on healthy eating habits, proper selection of foods, avoidance of artificial and harmful additives and ingredients.

At this point I still was finding a lot of diet programs focused on cutting body fat that didn’t seem credible, or were too complex or difficult to follow for more than a day.  I wanted a reasonable, research based, certified nutritionist developed approach to what to eat, what not to eat, and a way to gradually work my way into it and not get discouraged.

The Diet I Chose as the Best Way to Burn Body Fat

Burn fat fast using the Diet Solution Program I found what I was looking for with The Diet Solution Program. After listening to the video overview of the program, and reading through the materials, I purchased the program, downloaded the materials, and began reading how to work this into my life to help me lose body fat, and also live a healthier lifestyle overall.

A good portion of this site will be focused on my assessment of this fat burning diet program, and you can get my honest and unbiased perspective on this diet approach as I read through and begin applying the principles to my daily life.

What I like about this program is it was developed by Isabel De Los Rios, who is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. It isn’t based on some wacky, trendy, pill-based  “lose body fat fast in 10 days”  instructions that weren’t tested and could even be harmful to your body. This fat burning program has been in use for years, and she has already helped over 25,000 people all over the world lose incredible amounts of weight, regain their health and permanently change their lives. This is the real deal, and is focused on getting back to eating what our bodies are built to process through millions of  years of evolution.

I don’t expect you to run out and buy this program as your next silver bullet – I expect my experience and review of what you get to spur you to go to the program web site so you can do your own research – only you can decide if this is the program for you, and if you will over time adapt it as part of your healthy lifestyle. I urge you to at least go review the free resources, success stories, and view the videos from the author of the program – this is the one approach to fat and weight loss that you can incorporate into your existing life with minimal pain.

January 2012 Update: Be sure and check out my indepth review of the diet solution program, which I will continue expanding on. This will give you a real feel for whether this program is right for you.


Why Start with a Diet Program versus an Exercise Program to Lose Weight?

I used to exercise a lot – before kids. Since I’ve had kids and work has gotten crazy, I haven’t been able to get a regularly scheduled time set aside for any kind of exercise. I wanted to start my new journey to losing fat and building lean muscle by incorporating changes to something I have to do every day anyway – which is eat!

This new program from Isabel is something I can gradually incorporate, making a few recommended changes to food I buy and how I eat day by day, versus having to make a radical change to my life which I know I won’t stick with – does this sound like you as well?

I will incorporate exercise over the coming months as I want to get back to my six pack abs! But I also want to do something realistic and healthy that will simply become part of my life, and working on the right nutrition, right foods, and giving my body the right fuel it needs is the best approach for me. You have to decide what will be best for you – recognizing that a majority of people looking to get fit and burn body fat join a gym, go a few times, and then simply pay the monthly membership and never go back. I’ve been down that path, and know it doesn’t work to remove fat from my body!

Day 1 on my Journey to Reduce my Body Fat!

Day 1 was making the decision to purchase the Diet Solution Program. I think this will be the best $42 I ever spent. I had read enough about Isabel De Los Rios, her qualifications, and the basic elements of her approach and other people’s success to base my burning fat journey on her guidance.

I purchased the program (which has an amazing set of resources that come with it), and was able to immediately download all of the materials. Immediately I was impressed with the excellent organization and depth of materials provided – for less than $50 I received years of knowledge and research packaged into a form I could start using immediately.

Here is the comprehensive set of books I received for my $42 in this diet solutions program:

  • A 41 page “Quick Start Guide”
  • A 100 page Diet Solution Manual
  • The Diet Solution Metabolic Typing Test
  • 14 Days to a Sexy Body
  • Done for You Meal Plans
  • Foods that Kill Fat
  • Recipe Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Success Journal
  • The Top 10 Most Common Nutrition Mistakes

As I continue exploring this approach to burning body fat fast, I will be providing more indepth reviews and my experiences with each element of the program, including a quick summary of each of the above books I downloaded in this program [so stay tuned to this web site as I plan on adding more and more experiences on a weekly basis].

The way cool thing about this approach to burning fat through healthier eating is that there is an entire support network and community on the Diet Solutions Web Site. Furthermore, you get frequent, timely updates by email to incorporate into your eating habits [i.e. I just got one on how to handle the holiday dessert dilemma as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach!]…and there are multiple tools to track my progress, shopping lists to help with grocery shopping…this is a truly doable solution and has more help than I could imagine to begin adopting this lifestyle.

Stay tuned as I begin implementing this healthy approach to reducing my body fat percentage!

Russell (my wife Talia is also beginning to get excited about this program, although more from an overall health perspective as she doesn’t have much body fat that I can see!)